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Z. 626

Dido and Aeneas

Tekst: Nahum Tate

(ACT the First)

Shake the Cloud from off your Brow,
Fate your wishes does Allow.
Empire Growing,
Pleasures Flowing,
Fortune Smiles and so should you,
Shake the Cloud from off your Brow.

Banish Sorrow, Banish Care,
Grief should ne’re approach the Fair.

Ah! Belinda I am prest,
With Torment not to be confest.
Peace and I are Strangers grown,
I languish till my Grief is known,
Yet would not have it Guess’d.

Grief Encreasing, by Concealing.

Mine admits of no Revealing.

Then let me Speak. The Trojan guest
Into your tender Thoughts has prest.
The greatest blessing Fate can give,
Our Carthage to secure, and Troy revive.

When Monarchs unite how happy their State,
They Triumph at once o’er their Foes and their Fate.


Whence could so much Virtue spring,
What Storms, What Battles did he sing?
Anchises Valour mixt with Venus’ Charms,
How soft in Peace, and yet how fierce in Arms.

A Tale so strong and full of woe
Might melt the Rocks as well as you.

Second Woman
What stubborn Heart unmov’d could see,
Such Distress, such Piety?

Mine with Storms of Care opprest
Is taught to pity the Distrest,
Mean wretches Grief can Touch,
So soft, so sensible my Breast,
But Ah! I fear, I pity his too much.

Belinda, Second Woman & Chorus
Fear no danger to ensue,
The Hero Loves as well as you.
Ever Gentle, ever Smiling,
And the Cares of Life beguiling.
Cupids Strew your path with Flowers,
Gather’d from Elysian Bowers.


See your Royal Guest appears,
How Godlike is the Form he bears.

When, Royal Fair, shall I be blest,
With cares of Love and State distrest?

Fate forbids what you pursue,

Aeneas has no Fate but you.
Let Dido smile, and I’ll defie,
The feeble stroke of Destiny.

Cupid only throws the Dart,
That’s dreadful to a Warrior’s Heart.
And she that wounds can only cure the Smart.

If not for mine, for Empire’s sake,
Some Pity on your Lover take.
Ah! make not in a hopeless Fire,
A Hero fall, and Troy once more Expire.

Pursue thy Conquest, Love: her Eyes
Confess the Flame, her Tongue Denyes.

To the Hills and the Vales, to the Rocks and the Mountains
To the Musical Groves and the cool Shady Fountains,
Let the Triumphs of Love and of Beauty be shown.
Go Revel, ye Cupids, the day is your own.

(ACT the Second)

Wayward Sisters, you that Fright
The Lonely Traveller by Night.
Who like dismal Ravens crying,
Beat the Windows of the Dying,
Appear at my call, and share in the Fame,
Of a Mischief shall make all Carthage to flame.

First Witch
Say, Beldam, what’s thy will.

Harm’s our Delight and Mischief all our Skill.

The Queen of Carthage whom we hate,
As we do all in prosperous State,
E’re Sun set shall most wretched prove,
Deprived of Fame, of Life and Love.

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, &c.

First Witch & Second Witch
Ruin’d e’re the Set of Sun,
Tell us how shall this be done.

The Trojan Prince you know is bound
By Fate to seek Italian ground.
The Queen and He are now in Chase.

First Witch
Hark, hark, the cry comes on apace.


But when they’ve done, my trusty elf
In form of Mercury himself,
As sent from Jove shall chide his stay,
And charge him Sail tonight with all his Fleet away.

Ho, ho, ho, ho!

First Witch & Second Witch
But e’re we this perform,
We’ll conjure for a Storm.
To mar their hunting Sport,
And drive ’em back to Court.

In our deep vaulted Cell the Charm we’ll prepare,
Too dreadful a Practice for this open Air.

Belinda & Chorus
Thanks to these Lonesome Vales,
These desert Hills and Dales.
So fair the Game, so rich the Sport,
Diana’s self might to these Woods resort.

Second Woman
Oft she Visits this lone Mountain,
Oft she bathes her in this Fountain.
Here Acteon met his Fate,
Pursued by his own Hounds,
And after Mortal Wounds,
Discover’d, discover’d too late.

Behold upon my bending Spear
A Monster’s Head stands bleeding.
With Tushes far exceeding
These did Venus’ Huntsmen Tear.

The Skies are Clouded. Hark how Thunder
Rends the Mountain Oaks asunder.

Belinda & Chorus
Haste, haste to Town this open Field,
No shelter from the Storm can yield.

Stay Prince and hear great Jove’s Command,
He summons thee this Night away.


Tonight thou must forsake this Land,
The angry God will brook no longer stay,
Jove commands thee waste no more,
In Love’s delights those precious Hours,
Allow’d by th’Almighty Pow’rs.
To gain th’ Hesperian Shore,
And Ruin’d Troy restore.


Jove’s Commands shall be obey’d,
Tonight our Anchors shall be weigh’d.
But ah! what Language can I try,
My Injur’d Queen to pacify?
No sooner she resigns her Heart,
But from her arms I’m forc’d to part.
How can so hard a Fate be took,
One Night enjoy’d, the next forsook.
Yours be the blame, ye Gods, for I
Obey your will, but with more Ease could dye.

First Sailor & Chorus
Come away, fellow Sailors your Anchors be weighing,
Time and Tide will admit no delaying.
Take a Boozy short leave of your Nymphs on the Shore,
And silence their Mourning,
With Vows of returning,
But never intending to Visit them more.

(The Sailors Dance)


See the Flags and Streamers curling,
Anchors weighing, Sails unfurling.

First Witch
Phoebe’s pale deluding Beams
Gilding o’er deceitful Streams.

First Witch & Second Witch
Our Plot has took,
The Queen’s forsook,
Eliza’s ruin’d, ho, ho, ho!

Our next Motion,
Must be to storm her Lover on the Ocean.
From the Ruin of others our Pleasure we borrow,
Eliza bleeds tonight, and Carthage flames tomorrow.

Destruction’s our delight, delight our greatest Sorrow,
Eliza dyes tonight, and Carthage flames tomorrow.

Your Councel all is urg’d in vain,
To Earth and Heaven I will complain.
To Earth and Heaven why do I call,
Earth and Heaven conspire my Fall.
To Fate I sue, of other means bereft,
The only refuge for the wretched left.

See Madam, see where the Prince appears,
Such Sorrow in his looks he bears,
As would convince you still he’s true.

What shall lost Aeneas do?
How Royal Fair, shall I impart
The Gods’ decree and tell you we must part.

Thus on the fatal Banks of Nile,
Weeps the deceitful Crocodile.
Thus Hypocrites that Murder Act,
Make Heaven and Gods the Authors of the Fact.


By all that’s good,

By all that’s good: no more,
All that’s good you have Forswore.
To your promised Empire fly,
And let forsaken Dido dye.


In spight of Jove’s command I’ll stay,
Offend the Gods, and Love obey.

No faithless Man thy course pursue,
I’m now resolved as well as you.
No Repentance shall reclaim
The Injur’d Dido slighted Flame.
For ’tis enough what e’re you now decree,
That you had once a thought of leaving me.

Let Jove say what he please, I’ll stay.

Away, away. Away, away.

No, no, I’ll stay, and Love obey!

To Death I’ll fly, if longer you delay.

But Death, alas! I cannot shun,
Death must come when he is gone.

Great Minds against themselves conspire,
And shun the Cure they most desire.

Thy hand Belinda, darkness shades me,
On thy Bosom let me rest,
More I would but Death invades me.
Death is now a Welcome Guest,
When I am laid in Earth,
may my Wrongs create
No trouble in thy Breast.
Remember me, but ah! forget my Fate.

With drooping Wings ye Cupids come,
And scatter Roses on her Tomb.
Soft and Gentle as her Heart,
Keep here your Watch and never part.





Eerste akte

Trek de frons uit je wenkbrauwen,
want je kunt het Lot vertrouwen.
Het rijk groeit,
welbehagen vloeit,
het geluk lacht en dat zou jij ook moeten doen,
trek de frons uit je wenkbrauwen.


Ban zorgen uit, verjaag verdriet,
Kommer nadere de schone niet!


Belinda, ik ben bedrukt,
maar mag niet toegeven aan mijn verdriet.
Gemoedsrust en ik zijn uit elkaar gegroeid,
ik verkwijn zolang mijn kwelling verborgen bloeit,
maar dat iemand de reden kent wil ik niet.


Verdriet neemt toe door het te verhullen.


Ik mag het mijne niet onthullen.


Laat mij dan spreken. De Trojaanse gast is je lief,
heeft tedere gedachten in je hart gedrukt.
Het is de grootste zegening die het Lot kan geven
om Carthago veilig te stellen en Troje te doen herleven.


Als monarchen zich verenigen zijn zij in de gelukkige omstandigheid
te triomferen over hun vijanden en hun Lot tegelijkertijd.


Van waar is zoveel deugd ontsprongen?
Welke stormen, welke veldslagen heeft hij niet bezongen?
Anchises' moed vermengd met Venus’ bekoorlijkheid,
hoe teder in vrede, en toch hoe fel in de strijd!


Een verhaal zo machtig en vol van rouw
zou zelfs de rotsen doen smelten, net als jou.


Tweede vrouw
Welk onverbiddelijk hart zou onaangedaan
zoveel leed, zoveel vroomheid kunnen ondergaan?


Het mijne, door stormen van zorg verteerd,
heeft medelijden met de nooddruftigen geleerd.
Ik raak door leed van ongelukkigen ontroerd,
maar ik vrees dat mijn medelevende hart
te zeer door het zijne wordt beroerd.


Belinda, tweede vrouw en koor
Vrees niet dat het tot gevaar leidt
de held is net als jij tot liefde bereid.
Altijd glimlachend, altijd mild
worden de zorgen van het leven gestild;
Cupido zal jullie met bloemen vergelden,
geplukt in Elyseese velden.


Zie, daar komt je koninklijke gast,
met een tred die bij een godheid past!


Wanneer, mooie koningin, zal ik worden gezegend
en met de zorgen van liefde en plicht bejegend?


Het lot verbiedt wat je nastreeft.


Ik weersta wat het lot voor mij in petto heeft
met een enkele glimlach van Dido voor mij,
want Aeneas heeft geen lot ander lot dan jij.


Alleen Cupido werpt de pijl
die gevaarlijk voor een krijgershart kan zijn.
Alleen zij die hem verwondt kan hem genezen van de pijn.


Zo niet voor mij, dan omwille van je bewind,
heb medelijden met hem, die je bemint.
Ach, laat een held geen hopeloos vuur doorstaan,
en Troje voor een tweede keer ten onder gaan.