Five Part-songs from the Greek Anthology, op. 45

no. 1. Yea, cast me from heights of the mountains to deeps of the ocean (Tekst: Alma Strettell naar anoniem auteur)

no. 2. Whether I find thee bright with fair (Tekst: Andrew Lang naar anoniem auteur)

no. 3. "After many a dusty mile" (Tekst: Edmund William Gosse naar anoniem auteur)

no. 4. It's oh! to be a wild wind - when my lady's in the sun (Tekst: William Money Hardinge naar anoniem auteur)

no. 5. Feasting I watch with westward-looking eye (Text: Richard Garnett naar Marcus Argentarius)

From the Bavarian Highlands, op. 27

no. 1. The dance (Tekst: Caroline Alice Elgar)

no. 2. False love (Tekst: Caroline Alice Elgar)

no. 3. Lullaby (Tekst: Caroline Alice Elgar)

no. 4. Aspiration (Tekst: Caroline Alice Elgar)

no. 5. On the alm (Tekst: Caroline Alice Elgar)

no. 6. The marksmen (Tekst: Caroline Alice Elgar)

Sea Pictures op. 37

no. 1. Sea slumber song (Tekst: Roden Berkeley Wriothesley Noel)

no. 2. In Haven (Capri) (Tekst: Caroline Alice Elgar)

no. 3. Sabbath Morning at Sea (Tekst: Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

no. 4. Where corals lie (Tekst: Richard Garnett)

no. 5. The swimmer (Tekst: Adam Lindsay Gordon)