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Come, ye Sons of Art, Z. 323

no. 2. Come, ye Sons of Art (Tekst: Nahum Tate)

no. 3. Sound the trumpet (Tekst: Nahum Tate)

no. 5. Strike the viol (Tekst: Nahum Tate)

no. 6. The Honour of a Jubilee (Tekst: Nahum Tate)

no. 7. Bid the Virtues (Tekst: Nahum Tate)

no. 8. These are the sacred charms (Tekst: Nahum Tate)

no. 9. See Nature, rejoicing (Tekst: Nahum Tate)

Dido and Aeneas, Z. 626 [opera]

Dido and Aeneas, Z. 626 [opera video]

no. 37. Dido's Lament (Tekst: Nahum Tate)

Funeral sentences

no. 1. Man that is born

no. 2. In the midst of life

no. 3. Thou knowest, Lord

Hail, bright Cecilia - of Ode to St. Cecilia, Z. 328

no. 1. [Symphony]

no. 2. Hail! Bright Cecilia, Hail! fill ev'ry Heart! (Tekst: Nicholas Brady)

no. 3. Hark! hark! each Tree its silence breaks (Tekst: Nicholas Brady)

no. 4. Tis Nature's voice (Tekst: Nicholas Brady)

no. 5. Soul of the World (Tekst: Nicholas Brady)

no. 6. Thou tun'st this world (Tekst: Nicholas Brady)

no. 7. With that sublime celestial lay (Tekst: Nicholas Brady)

no. 8. Wondrous machine! (Tekst: Nicholas Brady)

no. 9. The airy violin (Tekst: Nicholas Brady)

no. 10. In vain the am'rous flute (Tekst: Nicholas Brady)

no. 11. The fife and all the harmony of war (Tekst: Nicholas Brady)

no. 12. Let these among themselves contest (Tekst: Nicholas Brady)

no. 13. Hail! Bright Cecilia, hail to thee (Tekst: Nicholas Brady)

Harmonia Sacra

Tell me, some pitying angel (The blessed Virgin's expostulation)

In the black, dismal dungeon of despair

We sing to him, whose wisdom form'd the ear

Great God, and just (A penitential hymn)

My song shall be alway (psalm 89)

Lord, what is man ?

Let the night perish (Job's curse)

The night is come (An evening hymn)

With sick and famish'd eyes

How have I stray'd

My opening eyes are purged (A divine song of the Passion of our Savior)

How long, great God (The Aspiration)

Sleep, Adam, and take thy rest

Thou wakeful shepherd (A morning hymn)

The earth trembled (On our Savior's Passion)

Now that the sun hath veil'd his light (An evening hymn on an ground)

Toneelmuziek bij A Fool's Preferment -of- The Three Dukes of Dunstable, Z. 571

no. 1. I sigh'd, and I pin'd (Tekst: Thomas d'Urfey)

no. 2. There's nothing so fatal as Woman (Tekst: Thomas d'Urfey)

no. 3. Fled is my love (Tekst: Thomas d'Urfey)

no. 4. 'Tis death alone (Tekst: Thomas d'Urfey)

no. 5. I'll mount to yon blue Coelum (Tekst: Thomas d'Urfey)

no. 6. I'll sail upon the Dog-star (Tekst: Thomas d'Urfey after John Fletcher)

no. 7. Jenny, 'gin you can love (Tekst: Thomas d'Urfey)

no. 8. If thou wilt give me back my love (Tekst: Thomas d'Urfey)

Toneelmuziek bij The Indian Queen, Z. 630 (Tekst: John Dryden)

Let us wander

I attempt from Love's sickness to fly

no. 4c. Why should men quarrel

no. 15. Seek not to know

no. 19. They tell us that your mighty powers

Toneelmuziek bij Pausanius, the Betrayer of his Country, Z. 585

no. 1. Sweeter than roses

King Arthur or The British Worthy, Z. 628 [het gezongen libretto]

King Arthur or The British Worthy, Z. 628

no. 9. Come if you dare (Tekst: John Dryden)

no. 16. Shepherd, leave decoying (Tekst: John Dryden)

no. 20. What power art thou (Tekst: John Dryden)

no. 38. Fairest Isle (Tekst: John Dryden)

The Fairy Queen, een bewerking van Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream, Z. 629

no. 7. Come all ye songsters (Tekst: Elkanah Settle)

no. 13. Secresy's Song (Tekst: Elkanah Settle)

no. 17. If love's a sweet passion (Tekst: Elkanah Settle)

no. 23. When I have often heard young maids complaining (Tekst: Elkanah Settle)

no. 39bc. An Epithalamium (Tekst: Elkanah Settle)

no. 40. The plaint (Tekst: Elkanah Settle)

no. 47. Hark! how all things (Tekst: Elkanah Settle)

no. 48. Hark! now the echoing Air (Tekst: Elkanah Settle)

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Ah, how pleasant 'tis to love

Ah, how sweet it is to love

As soon as the chaos

Bacchus is a pow'r divine, Z. 360

Beneath a dark and melancholy grove

Bess of Bedlam

Cease, anxious world, Z 362

Crown the altar, deck the shrine

Dear Pretty Youth

Here the deities approve

How happy the lover

I attempt from Love's sickness to fly

If music be the food of love

Lost is my quiet

Love, thou art best

Man is for the woman made

More love or more disdain I crave

Music for a while

Not all my torments can your pity move

O God, thou art my God

O lead me to some peaceful gloom

Olinda in the shades unseen

Pious Celinda goes to prayers

Praise the Lord

Since from my dear Astrea's sight

There's not a swain

Thou wakeful shepherd (A morning hymn)

Under this stone

What can we poor females do?

What a sad fate is mine

When first Amintas sued for a kiss

Who can from joy refrain