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3 liederen van Shakespeare

no. 1. Take, O take

no. 2. When icicles hang by the wall

no. 3. Orpheus with his Lute

A Sea Symphony

no. 1. Song for all seas, all ships

no. 2. On the beach at night alone

no. 3. Scherzo - The Waves

no. 4. The Explorers

Dona nobis pacem

no. 1. Agnus Dei (Tekst: naar de bijbel of andere gewijde tekst)

no. 2. Beat! beat! drums! (Tekst: Walt Whitman)

no. 3. Reconciliation (Tekst: Walt Whitman)

no. 4. Dirge for two veterans (Tekst: Walt Whitman)

no. 5. The Angel of Death [Samengestelde tekst]

Folk Songs of the Four Seasons [cantate]

no. 1. Prologue: To the ploughboy (Tekst: Volkslieder)

no. 2a. Early in the Spring (Tekst: Volkslieder)

no. 2b. The lark in the morning (Tekst: Volkslieder)

no. 2c. May song (Tekst: Volkslieder)

no. 3a. Summer is a-coming in and the Cuckoo (Tekst: Volkslieder)

no. 3b. The sprig of thyme (Tekst: Volkslieder)

no. 3c. The sheep shearing (Tekst: Volkslieder)

no. 3d. The green meadow (Tekst: Volkslieder)

no. 4a. John Barleycorn (Tekst: after Robert Burns)

no. 4b. The unquiet grave (Tekst: Volkslieder)

no. 4c. An acre of land (Tekst: Volkslieder)

no. 5a. Children's Christmas Song (Yorkshire Wassail) (Tekst: Volkslieder)

no. 5b. Wassail song (Tekst: Volkslieder)

no. 5c. In Bethlehem City (Tekst: Volkslieder)

no. 5d. God bless the Master (Tekst: Volkslieder)

Four Poems by Fredegond Shove

no. 1. Motion and Stillness (Tekst: Fredegond Shove)

no. 2. Four Nights (Tekst: Fredegond Shove)

no. 3. The New Ghost (Tekst: Fredegond Shove)

no. 4. The Water Mill (Tekst: Fredegond Shove)

In Windsor Forest [cantate]

no. 1. The conspiracy (Tekst: William Shakespeare)

no. 2. Drinking song (Tekst: William Stevenson, Sir)

no. 3. Falstaff and the fairies

no. 4. Wedding chorus (Tekst: Ben Jonson)

no. 5. Epilogue

Merciless Beauty

no. 1. Motion and Stillness (Tekst: Geoffrey Chaucer)

no. 2. Four Nights (Tekst: Geoffrey Chaucer)

no. 3. The New Ghost (Tekst: Geoffrey Chaucer)